Design and Marketing of Association Insurance Plans

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We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you identify, assess, transfer, and finance your risks. We harness the collective buying power of businesses representing uniform risks and we build insurance coverage specifically tailored to your industry.

  • Emergency medical services (fleet of specialized vehicles, civil and professional liability)
  • Recreation associations (ecotourism adventures, vacation camps, rural bed and breakfasts, golf clubs)
  • Real estate (housing associations, residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use buildings)
  • Manufacturing and industry (import/export, Canadian, U.S., and world markets, loss prevention services)
  • Retail (pharmacies, car dealers)
  • Distribution and wholesale (farm machinery, distributors)
  • Service providers (headhunters, travel agencies, civil and professional liability)
  • Construction industry (estimate analysis, work site, wrap-up, surety bonds, pollution, civil and professional liability for various associations)
  • Marine cargo (port operations, cargo being transported, shipped, and stored)
  • Road transportation (general and specialized, surety bonds, U.S. filings)
  • Passenger transport, including student transport
  • Agrifood industry