Cyber security can be perceived as a complex and inaccessible issue. Yet, today, any business must be aware of the advances in the field, as we are all exposed to IT security risks in our business operations.

In the ever evolving landscape of cyber security risks, we have built a unit of cyber insurance specialists prepared to support our clients throughout their cyber risk identification, management and transfer processes.

By collaborating with our team, you can expect the highest standards in the industry for the following services:

  • Identification of cyber risks and risk management strategies specific to your industry;
  • Support in the qualification and quantification of your cyber exposure;
  • Advice and strategy to assist your IT team, CISO, CFO and all related parties throughout the insurance procurement and underwriting process;
  • Knowledge of the IT specific and sometimes complex language, network structures, frameworks and data vulnerabilities;
  • Support and coordination services in the event of a cyber-attack;
  • Claims advocacy, support in the analysis of coverage available in the event of a claim triggering coverage.