Financial Risk Insurance Practice

EgR is a market leader in providing strategic insurance solutions for financial risk mitigation. These include specialized products such as :

  • Trade Credit Insurance;
  • Political Risk Insurance;
  • Contract Frustration Insurance;
  • Non-Payment Insurance.


These policies typically insure against the risk of non-payment, such as protracted-default, insolvency or bankruptcy arising from credit or politically-related risks. EgR’s practice is focused on helping companies leverage these insurance solutions to exceed their Key Performance Indicators. The suite of potential solutions notably addresses the following few examples.

  • Safe sales expansion to new customers, countries, markets and products;
  • Optimized financing solutions with financial institutions through the leveraging of accounts receivables as a key asset;
  • Debt collection and information services;
  • Reduction of Bad Debt Reserves;
  • Credit support and assistance in the implementation of best practices;
  • Enhanced Terms of Payment condition for competitive edge.