Risk Management and Commercial Insurance

As your business evolves, the risks it is exposed to evolve as well. We offer a range of services tailored to your reality. We start by performing a comprehensive assessment to accurately pinpoint your needs. Then our specialists work with you, putting their shrewd market insight and specialized insurance products knowledge to work in.

Risk assessment

  • In-depth analysis of your operations;
  • Identification of business risks that could impact your assets, operations, and liability;
  • Recommendations and assistance in managing and transferring identified risks.

Risk transfer

  • A team entirely dedicated to transferring risks in insurance markets;
  • Consulting services aimed at establishing and developing an optimal and competitive insurance portfolio;
  • Negotiation of an insurance program tailored to your needs and the specific characteristics of your business along with premium financing options of your insurance portfolio;
  • Custom insurance policies and endorsements;
  • Programs that adjust to your initiatives and how your business is growing.

Strategic risks (primarily in mergers and acquisitions)

  • Guidance through the due diligence process;
  • Assessment of hidden liabilities (e.g., non-compliant buildings);
  • Review of the insurance programs of companies involved in the transaction and recommendations on insurance program integration;
  • Analysis of representations and warranties and recommendations on transferring inherent risks.

Contractual risks

  • Review and analysis of contract agreements, specifically clauses generating contract obligations and potential liability;
  • Recommendations on and assistance with the negotiation or transaction preparation process to align your contract obligations with your risk management protocols.